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Why Restaurant Owners Trust INKAS® Payments to Slash Their Monthly POS Fees

In the culinary world, achieving success is about more than just delicious flavours; it’s also about optimizing operations and managing costs.  That’s where INKAS Payments comes in. We understand th...

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7 Steps to Reopen Your Restaurant

With the pandemic becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are looking to dine out. That means it’s time to re-open your restaurant and take advantage of all that new demand. Here’s a look at 7 steps ...

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5 Benefits of Offering Gift Cards at Your Business

Did you know that gift cards offer a surprising amount of benefits for businesses? By adding gift cards to your business, you can experience a significant amount of growth and customer retention. Here’s a look ...

Build a Community Around Your Business
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How to Build a Community Around Your Business

One of the best ways to build your brand is to create a community that talks about your brand. Thanks to today’s social media platforms, you can easily build a community at a low overall cost. Here are five ste...

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The Ultimate Guide to Grow and Keep Your Customer Base

The key to any successful business is the ability to acquire and keep customers without blowing your budget. Here’s a look at five proven steps that you can take to get customers and maintain your customer base...

Start an Online Store Business
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How to Start an Online Store Business – Tips for Success

It’s been a big year for e-commerce. Many businesses have had to switch their sales online to keep serving their customers. It’s also been a good time to start an online store business, since more people are ta...