Online Payments

From e-commerce stores to digital invoices, we have the payment solutions you need to process your orders online and grow your business globally.

save payment processing fees

We can help you save up to 40% on your payment processing fees

Grow your business cash flow and profits by saving on online transaction fees. Speak to our specialists today and discover your potential savings!


Conveniently Accept Payments, Right from Your Smartphone or Mobile Terminal

Give customers the flexibility to pay through various methods online, at their convenience.

From credit cards to digital wallets, we conveniently and securely process client orders with a variety of payment methods.

With INKAS® Payments, you get the most benefits from digital payment platforms:

    1. Lowest rate promise
    2. Easy e-commerce integration
    3. Digital invoicing “on-click”
    4. Intuitive “click-to-pay” payment structure for your clients
    5. Airtight security on your customers personal data

Expand Globally & Grow Sales

The INKAS Payment system easily integrates with all major e-commerce platforms while allowing you to save on online transaction fees, no matter what sales volume you have.

The world is your marketplace, and we give you the tools to grow your business globally and accept payments worldwide.

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