Inventory Management

Get the insights you need to make smart product and inventory decisions that help grow your sales.


Increase Efficiency with Real-Time Inventory Data at Your Fingertips

Easily automate and digitize inventory management with smart integrations. Get real-time inventory data and insights on specific product performance that is critical to running a profitable business and increasing efficiency.

Critical Inventory Insights to Help Grow Your Sales
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    Automated Inventory Management

    Know when you should order more supplies with real-time availability of each variation

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    Alerts to Re-Order Popular Items

    Receive automated alerts when it’s time to re-order specific products

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    Insights on Poorly-Performing Products

    Easily identify and mark down poorly performing products to reduce their inventory

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    Real-Time Data on SKU Availability

    Whether in-shelf or in the back room, track availability of your product variations

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    Automated Tracking of Products

    Scan and count products digitally to track inventory levels across multiple locations

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    Link Vendor Re-Order Information

    Vendor information can be linked directly to each product to make re-ordering easy

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    Manage Multiple Sales Channels and Locations

    Manage projected demand of products, across all platforms and locations where you are selling

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    Identify Trends to Increase Sales

    From colors to sizes, identify best-selling products to ensure that you optimize sales performance

Improve Sales with Smart Integrated Solutions

Extend the capabilities of your Point of Sale system with a fully integrated digital system to help grow your business. With the widest selection of hardware and business apps, our experienced Business Growth team works with you to design an all-in-one system.


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