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Costs of a POS System

Understanding the various types of point-of-sale (POS) fees is essential for businesses, to effectively manage their finances, and optimize their costs. Here is a comprehensive overview of the common types of f...

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Enhancing the Customer Experience

Enhancing the Customer Experience: How You Can Meet Their Needs. Whether you are in the restaurant; hospitality; automotive; or some other service producing industry, offering an unforgettable cu...

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Protecting Your Customers

For small businesses in the restaurant industry in Canada seamless, and reliable payment processing is crucial to help ensure you deliver the ultimate in customer service. Not only that, the efficiency of your ...

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INKAS® Payments Wins the Prestigious CanadianSME Award for Excellence in Data Privacy & Cyber Security

A Milestone Achievement We are thrilled to announce that we at INKAS® Payments have been honoured with the prestigious CanadianSME award for “Excellence in Data Privacy & Cyber Security.” This a...

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Why Restaurant Owners Trust INKAS® Payments to Slash Their Monthly POS Fees

In the culinary world, achieving success is about more than just delicious flavours; it’s also about optimizing operations and managing costs.  That’s where INKAS Payments comes in. We understand th...

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7 Steps to Reopen Your Restaurant

With the pandemic becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are looking to dine out. That means it’s time to re-open your restaurant and take advantage of all that new demand. Here’s a look at 7 steps ...

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5 Benefits of Offering Gift Cards at Your Business

Did you know that gift cards offer a surprising amount of benefits for businesses? By adding gift cards to your business, you can experience a significant amount of growth and customer retention. Here’s a look ...

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The Importance of Customer Success

You may have heard of the term customer service. Today, more and more top companies are focusing on something called customer success. So, what’s the difference? In a nutshell, customer service is reactive whil...

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The Ultimate Guide to Grow and Keep Your Customer Base

The key to any successful business is the ability to acquire and keep customers without blowing your budget. Here’s a look at five proven steps that you can take to get customers and maintain your customer base...

Start an Online Store Business
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How to Start an Online Store Business – Tips for Success

It’s been a big year for e-commerce. Many businesses have had to switch their sales online to keep serving their customers. It’s also been a good time to start an online store business, since more people are ta...