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“St Jean-Baptiste Month”!

Save $150 now on top of our lowest price guarantee

INKAS Payments® is celebrating St Jean-Baptiste Day in a big way: during the month of July, we are offering everyone an additional discount on our state-of-the-art POS systems; making it even easier for you to get the tools you need to reach your business goals.


Process credit, and debit card payments with our smart POS terminals. Making life easier for businesses with high volume transactions.

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Easily integrate your tech toolkit with our state-of the art technology to leave you one step ahead of the competition.

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Facilitate the acceptance of payments for your online store; allowing you to scale into the digital world to attract more consumers.

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Protect customer data, with our award-winning secure payment solutions; ensuring that your confidential business, and customer information is safe.

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Go beyond POS, with the advanced data tracking abilities we offer; allowing you to better understand your consumer; and helping you scale.

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Get hardware that best suits your needs: chip, and tap-ready readers; digital wallets… We help you enhance your customer’s buying experience.