Quick Tips

How to Prepare Your Store to Maximize Holiday Sales

The holidays are practically here, and you want to capitalize on the biggest buying season. How can you make your store ship-shape for all the holiday shoppers?

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With these tips close at hand, you’ll be ready to maximize your holiday sales.

Advertise Holiday Sales

Your first step should be to offer some great holiday deals. Once you know what deals you have on tap, it’s time to make sure your customers know too.

Invest in signage both inside and outside your shop. Outdoor signage will draw passersby in, while indoor signage lets them know where to find the deals.

You should also consider investing some budget into advertising. Can you send out an email newsletter or create a radio spot for your local radio station? The more you let people know about the holiday deals, the more likely they are to stop by.

Create Attractive Displays

Next up, you’ll want to do some decorating. This is especially important for retail stores, but it can also do wonders for restaurants and other small businesses.

An attractive window display will grab attention, and it may even get customers in the store. Don’t forget about endcaps on aisles.

The key here is to organize some festive items into attractive displays that encourage people to stop and look. Don’t overload shelves and resist the urge to put out all your stock. A little goes a long way.

Keep the Store Tidy

It can be tough to keep on top of cleaning during the holiday season, but you must make sure everything feels neat and tidy. Customers prefer shopping in-store spaces that have lots of room. They’re more likely to look and even more likely to find what they’re looking for.

Once they’ve found what they need, you’ll want to offer them a seamless checkout experience. The right POS system can help.

Ready to get started? The INKAS Payments team is here to help! Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll help you make holiday sales a breeze.