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INKAS® Payments Corp. is a subsidiary of INKAS® Group of Companies formed in 1993. INKAS® has originally started as an armoured courier services company. Having purchased a manufacturing facility in 1996 INKAS® has expanded into safes and vaults manufacturing business. In 1998 with the deregulation of the ATM/POS industry, INKAS® Payments Corp. was created to focus on the merchant services and transactional business. With the new millennium INKAS® Group of Companies has expanded into armoured vehicle manufacturing, software development and switching operations in Israel and United Kingdom. INKAS® Group of Companies’ workforce counts over 120 employees in offices in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Tel Aviv (Israel), Lagos (Nigeria) and Shenzhen (China).

Today, INKAS® Payments Corp. is a top 5 merchant service provider in Canada with thousands of merchants in the portfolio that spreads coast to coast from St. Johns, NF to Vancouver, BC. Having chosen to focus on the quality of service provided, the company has been able to maintain an unparalleled customer retention percentage in the merchant services industry. By following the internal CISS mandate (Creativity, Innovation, Stability and Support), INKAS® has consistently developed successful custom solutions for the clients that require a tailored approach. One of the latest INKAS® products is an all-in-one EFT processing solutions for the taxi industry that aggregates online and offline processing services, state of the art hardware, acutely detailed reporting, reliable wireless service and a proprietary “VIP Charge Card” solution for the 21st century that replaces outdated paper based taxi chit programs.

We strongly believe that we are the only service provider in the Canadian market today that is able to offer a turn-key solution that unites every essential component under one roof.

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