INKAS® Payments offers a suite of solutions made specifically for B2B service providers which allow businesses of all shapes and sizes take advantage of credit card processing, both on and offline.

Historically, many industries have strayed away from accepting credit cards for B2B transactions due to the rates being too cost-prohibitive. At INKAS®, we can offer rates that compete among the lowest in the industry and ensure that your business will be able to accept credit cards for all of its transactions, big or small.

Why choose INKAS® Payments?

We use only the newest and most efficient terminals available and at the most competitive price that will make your business look very professional

We are an all Canadian provider dedicated to helping Canadian businesses navigate the complex and non-transparent world of processing fees to help lower their rates

Because we are always looking for new ways to add value for the merchants we work with we have our own in house technology developers looking to improve our service

Fastest account setup time we will have the account setup within 48 hours of the application being filled out

Being that INKAS® is one of the biggest cash management companies in Canada we have a reputation of being a business you can trust

We offer a 100% free no-obligation rate analysis to show you exactly what savings you are eligible for

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