Avoid shopping cart abandonment on your e-commerce store
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5 Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your E-Commerce Store

You spend good ad money to get visitors onto your e-commerce. That’s why it is so frustrating to see them add items to their shopping cart only to hop off the site before making a purchase. Here are five ways that you can reduce shopping cart abandonment and make more sales.

1) Send a discount via email or text message 

There are a number of e-commerce apps that will send an automatic abandoned cart message to visitors on your site. Be sure to add a limited-time coupon discount. Usually, many people abandon their shopping cart because of cost. The discount coupon could make a big difference in bringing them back to your site to close the sale.

2) Offer free shipping at checkout

One of the biggest roadblocks to a sale are shipping charges. Be sure to empathize free shipping all over your site. That includes a banner at the top of your home page as well as an announcement at checkout. Free shipping has been shown to help boost overall sales and reduce abandoned carts.

3) Reinforce easy return or refund policy 

Many e-commerce sites have overcome the “trust” barrier with customers. One of the best ways to build trust and not have them run off is to offer a clear and easy return or refund policy. This way the customer feels that the risk is not on them but rather the e-commerce store. Guarantees like a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee work really well.

4) Ensure your simplified payment process

There are a number of shoppers who are ready to buy. However, they don’t like the payment options listed or they are otherwise confused by the checkout process. Using a top-level payment service that provides a detailed form and popular payment options that your customers are likely to use.

5) Make sure your checkout cart can convert currency

Finally, some customers may abandon their shopping cart if the currency on your site is different from their home currency. If you are targeting customers from around the world, be sure to use a currency converter app on your e-commerce store.

Getting better conversions for your e-Commerce store

Reducing abandoned shopping carts can help expand your profit margins. Be sure to follow all the steps above to keep your store visits all the way to the final sale. Make sure you settle up with a good payment process solution that is easy to use for both customers and your business. Check out INKAS Payments Solutions and how they can help potentially boost your conversions. Before you know it, your e-commerce site can become a long-term winner.